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Dear all,

Radboud Women of Computer Science is pleased to invite you to a lunch event:
Choose a digital career!
When:   April 8th, 2019, 12:30-13:30
Where:  Huygensgebouw HG00.303
Who:     RWoCS & RightBrains
What is it about: Even today, well into the 21st century, many women have a negative
perception of careers in digital technology. Very few choose a career in this field from the start.
Our guest and speaker, Geke Rosier, the founder of RightBrains, wants to change this.
By sharing inspiring stories of female role models who work in digital technology, she wants to
contribute to a better and broader perspective of this field and the career opportunities within it.
Come to the lunch talk and find out why and how to make a successful digital career!
Everybody that comes will receive the RightBrains Career Guide for free – A beautiful book
full of inspiring stories from women who have opted for a career in digital technology.
More Easter eggs at the lunch talk: Geke will announce a prize-winning challenge for you!
Find out what it is all about at the event.
Save the Date, and register for free at